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Project Manager, UX Designer and FrontEnd-Mobile Developer

About Me

About Me

Since I was a child, when VGA screens, floppy disks and ball mouses were still in fashion, the IT world has always been a kind of “amusement park”, where to discover what I loved most and have fun; a world constantly changing and where you may never get bored, where your passion is constantly triggered by technological innovation.

I currently work as a Pro Project Manager and UX Designer at a large IT company in Italy (Temera) and I am in charge of projects implementing RFID technology, with the aim to create bespoke, innovative and practical solutions for logistics in fashion industry.

Tech Skills

Tech Skills

Soft Skills

Soft Skills


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Project Manager & UX Designer at Temera Srl

I am in charge of projects implementing RFID technology, with the aim to create bespoke, innovative and practical solutions for logistics in fashion industry.
Thanks to a solid technical background and hands-on experience in software development and web technologies, I help the company to boost products and services.

* My duties include:
* Project planning and management to set milestones and deliver on deadline and budget;
* Coordination and design of project resources, budget allocation, progress monitoring, communication with stakeholders;
* Development of a detailed project plan to track progress;
* Team coordination during internal testing, UAT and the go-live process.

My role as a UX designer requires me to be able to detect the need of users and stakeholders in order to solve their problems and provide them with the best solution.
What do I do?
* User research and testing
* Development of wireframes and task flows based on user/stakeholder needs.
* Development of creative solutions to UX problems (e.g. usability, findability)
* Collaboration with Designers and Developers to create intuitive, user-friendly software
* Problem-solving aptitude
* Design Thinking Process lover


FrontEnd/Mobile developer & BA at Temera Srl
(3 yr)

HTML(5), CSS(3), Javascript (ES6), JSON, REST, APIs, PostgreSQL and Graphql.
I build the front-end user interface of a web app and mobile app, that implement RFID technology, to create innovative and functional solutions in logistics for fashion industry.
I interact with the whole team at design thinking process, to satisfy customer requirements.

Build web app by AngularJS and
Build mobile app by React Native.
e2eTest using Protractor framework.
Unit Test using Jasmine and Karma.
Use Git for for version control. Use GitLab and BitBucket as version control system.

Collaboration and organization with team via Jira and Confluence.
Communication with team members via Slack
Remote support by TeamViewer.
Use AGILE Scrum/Scrumban methodology

IDE: Visual Studio Code, Atom, XCode, AndroidStudio, Postman, Insomnia, Sketch, PGAdmin, TablePlus.


FrontEnd Developer at Little Concert
(1 yrs)

HTML(5), CSS(3), LESS, Javascript, React JS and Flux.
I am responsible for the styling and markup of the web application, developing website from a layered PSD or AI.
Making the site responsive and friendlier to smaller devices was one of my main tasks as well as improving performance.
Worked remotely and on site, communicating with team members via Slack.
Used Git for version control and GitHub for code reviews.
IDE: Visual Studio Community 2015, Atom, Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC.

More About

More About

My career in the IT world started about 12 years ago, in Italy; then I moved to the UK, in London, to work as Front-End developer for the start-up company Little Concert: a hectic and engaging work environment and city, where I met and learnt many things from many interesting people. HTML(5), CSS(3), LESS, Javascript (ES6) and ReactJs were my daily jargon for the development, the design and markup of the website and more.

Over the years I have developed teamwork skills and learned about the Agile/Scrum/Scrumban management processes and Git, Gitlab and BitBucket, as teamwork is essential, even though being a developer may seem a “lonely” job.
Creating a “good” code for APPs, software or websites is a never-ending challenge between being a good-old programmer and an artist able to give colour and life even to coding.

Has my passion for IT changed? Yes, it has. IT is not just programming and hardware stuff, but much, much more: IT and the digital disruption have had a great impact on everyday life and the potential for innovation is almost endless and constantly evolving.

As a geek, I cannot be but interested in everything about the digital world: I enjoy processing images, creating videos, study UX and digital marketing , attending webinars and self-teaching, as I think that, in the age of smartphones and tablet PCs, it is essential to build a UI that communicates "more" than just the code.


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