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I discovered my passion for IT and programming when I was still a child, when people still used VGA screens, floppy disks and ball mouses.

I am currently working as a Front-End Developer at a large IT company in Italy (Temera) where I develop the UI of the corporate web apps and mobile apps, using tools such as HTML(5), CSS(3), AngularJS, AngularIO, ReactJS, React Native, Javascript and REST APIs.
My career in the IT started almost 10 years ago and had me travel to and work in London, as Front-End developer for the start-up Little Concert, in a hectic and engaging work environment and city. HTML(5), CSS(3), LESS, Javascript (ES6) and ReactJs were my daily jargon for the development, the design and markup of the website and more.
Over the years I have discovered teamwork more and learned about the Agile/Scrum/Scrumban management processes and Git,Gitlab and BitBucket.

How has my passion for IT changed over the years? I now know that IT is not just programming and hardware stuff, but much more: it means exploiting its great potential and constantly following its evolution and the way it affects the world.
Therefore, I am not just a Front-End Developer: I enjoy processing images, creating videos and study UX , which I taught myself to do, as I think it is essential in the age of smartphones and tablet PCs to build a UI that communicates "more" than just the code.

Creating a good code for APPs, software or websites is a never-ending challenge between being a good-old programmer and an artist able to give colour and life even to coding.



OOP, Native JavaScript, ReactJS, ReactNative, Angular, MVC/MV*, AJAX, JSON, REST & APIs. Git.


HTML5, CSS3, LESS, Bootstrap, responsive, animations, validation, organic SEO.


Photoshop, InDesign, Sketch, UX, UI, Wireframing, Prototyping, Usability, Branding, Printed media.

Non Technical

Proficient Italian & English. Motivated, Social, Team player. Scrum/Scrumban methodology.

>> C0d3 @b0u7 m3 <<

Curriculum Vitae - Vallone Flavio - FrontEnd Developer

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Front End Developer, OOP Developer, JS Developer, Designer, Second/Third-level Support, Systems Manager, Tester and Technical Writer

Design and development of flexible solution to meet client requirements and expectations quickly and efficiently whilst paying close attention to details.

HTML5, CSS3, LESS, Javascript (ES6), Angular, React, React Native, JQuery

C++, Java, SQL, Git, NodeJS, PHP, Bootstrap, Unix Shell


Visual Studio Code, Atom, SourceTree, PgAdmin, iTerm, Postman, Visual Studio 2015, Netbeans, Aptana Studio 3, SublimeText,

Sketch, Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator CC , GIMP 2.6.x

Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Pinnacle Studio

Google Chrome, Google Chrome Canary, Firefox, Safari, IE, Opera